Strand learners ready to tackle English Olympiad

De Beers is the yearly English Olympiad that learners of High School Strand can enter.  2016 was the first year that learners had the privilege to write it after many years. What makes De Beers different from other Olympiads, is the fact that learners who wish to write the three hour Olympiad have to attend extra classes after school.

Roughly 8000 entries are received each year. The competition is organised jointly by the Grahamstown Foundation and the South African Council for English Education – SACEE. The aim of this Olympiad is to enrich the study of English and to encourage critical thinking and creative writing.

This year De Beers will be written on 7 March 2017 throughout South Africa. It is open to all learners in grades 10, 11 and 12.

The theme of the Olympiad will be “Then and Now”. The Anthology is entitled Staying Alive. The paper consists of three sections:

Section A: Discursive

Section B: Transactional/ Creative

Section C: Language

The learners also get an additional study guide with the Anthology.

But hard word must be rewarded and the learners who excel in this Olympiad are rewarded with extraordinary prizes. The top three learners will receive substantial cash prizes ranging from R33 000 to R27 000.

The top twenty learners are invited to attend The National Schools’ Festival in Grahamstown in July free of charge. Learners who are ranked between 4th and 20th positions will also receive cash prizes, and or books, or book vouchers.

The top 50 learners will be offered free tuition scholarships for their first year at Rhodes University for any course of study immediately upon successful completion of their Matriculation examination, subject to their meeting the University’s entry requirements.

We wish all the learners who are participating in the De Beers English Olympiad this year the best of luck and may many others write it in future.



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